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Browse a full A–Z list of fluorochromes with recommended widefield and laser set recommendations.

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AT Sputtered Filter Sets

Chroma's line of lower cost sputtered filter sets covered by a lifetime warranty.

Metal UV Bandpass Filters

Introducing Chroma's new line of magnetron-sputtered metal UV induced transmission bandpass filters. Learn more about these robust new filters, offered in a wide variety of custom dimensions.

2014/2015 Price List

Chroma is well-known for optical filters for fluorescence. View our latest price list and learn more about the multitude of offerings we provide.

OEM Capabilities

From prototype to production with competitive pricing and on-time deliveries.


High Performance Illumination Systems for Fluorescence Imaging

A subsidiary of Chroma Technology, 89 North develops light sources for fluorescence microscopy, automated DNA sequencing, HTS/HCS, real time PCR and microarray analysis.

Lifetime Warranty

Chroma offers lifetime warranty for all sputtered catalog filters in addition to our one-year full-satisfaction warranty.



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