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Custom & Clearance Inventory

Custom Inventory

Chroma Technology Corp

Long Pass Filters

Custom Inventory Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our online listing of inventory. The filters listed here represent optics generated by previous orders, but still meet the typical specifications of our cataloged items and are sold "as new".

All inventory sales are subject to the following terms and conditions:


Limited to stock on hand, with no variations from listed inventory. Each optic will go though Quality Control upon order, and if found to be substandard, will not be sold. Subsequent availability cannot be assumed; for reorders, call for quote.

Selection and Support

Responsibility for choosing the appropriate optics rests primarily with the customer, though Chroma will provide normal amount of application support for these items, unlike our clearance items. If there are questions about the appropriate use of these optics, please contact our technical support personnel.


Our normal warranty applies to inventory items


Select the appropriate product or products for your specific application. Note inventory order number and other relevant information. Then:

Call 1-800-824-7662
FAX the completed order form to 802-428-2525
Email your order to orders@chroma.com
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