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Individual Filters & Mirrors

Filters and Mirrors for Astronomy

Chroma Technology Corp

Filters for Photometry

Common specifications:

  • Durable, anti-reflective coatings on both exterior surfaces over applicable transmission range
  • Transmitted wavefront at 633nm (better than 0.25 waves/inch)
  • Parallelism <30 arcsec
  • Thickness: 4.9 +/-0.05mm, parfocal +/-0.2mm (filters start parfocal +/-0.1mm per recipe)
  • These filters are not mounted in rings except by special request.
    Upon request, we will mount filters in black anodized aluminum rings, in customer-supplied filter mounts,
    or both, typically at no extra charge. Please call or sales [at] chroma [dot] com (subject: Photometry%20Inquiry) (email) for details.
  • Order by individual part number-size (ex. U-Band Bessell-27). Call for full-set pricing.


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