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Chroma Technology Corp

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To minimize confusion or duplication and to ensure the quickest response time, please send your query to only one address.

  • General sales and information
    sales [at] chroma [dot] com
  • OEM sales and information
    oem [at] chroma [dot] com
  • Optics and applications of either scanning confocal or spinning disk systems
    confocal [at] chroma [dot] com
  • Multi-photon applications
    2photon [at] chroma [dot] com
  • General laser questions/applications, except those regarding flow cytometry
    laser [at] chroma [dot] com
  • Help with choosing the optimal filter and mirror combinations for flow cytometry
    cytometry [at] chroma [dot] com
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
    fret [at] chroma [dot] com
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Chroma Technology Corp
10 Imtec Lane
Bellows Falls, VT 05101 USA
Orders/Customer Service:

800-824-7662 Toll Free
802-428-2500 Telephone
802-428-2525 Fax
orders [at] chroma [dot] com

European Office:
Chroma Technology GmbH
Maximilianstrasse 33
D-82140 Olching

Phone: +49 8142 2847525

Phone: +49 8142 2847526
Fax: +49 8142 2845349
europe [at] chroma [dot] com


China Office:
Chroma China
Room 402, Bingo Building
Inter-City Business Center
No. 57 Hubin Bei Road, Siming District

Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

Phone: +86-0592-5062089
china [at] chroma [dot] com


802-428-2525 Fax
orders [at] chroma [dot] com