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Catalog of Filter Sets for Fluorescence Microscopy

This price list provides information about the filter sets Chroma Technology has created for the multitude of fluorochromes that are typically used in epi-fluorescence microscopy. We are aware that there are applications
which require filter combinations that are not listed. Often we can create such sets out of the large collection of special-order filters and dichroic beamsplitters that we maintain in inventory. Occasionally we have to manufacture newly designed filters and/or mirrors. We understand the limitations of the research budget and in either situation we try to keep prices within reasonable limits.

Please contact us for help in creating filter combinations that you do not find in the catalog.

Additionally, Chroma manufactures filters for a variety of instruments including gene chip readers, high-throughput systems, plate readers, flow cytometers, confocal and multi-photon microscopes, Raman spectroscopy and single-molecule microscopy. Often the manufacturers of these instruments provide specifications for the filters that they recommend. Sometimes you may wish to order filters that are different from their recommendations and sometimes the manufacturers of bioassays have their own recommendations.

Please contact us for custom sets and recommended filter sets for standard bioassays.


2014/2015 Catalog of Filter Sets

PDF: 10871 kb
October 2014