89 North offers a wide range of LED and laser-based light sources ideally suited for Optogenetic-based applications. Wavelengths are available from 340nm through 940nm including 470nm, 565nm, and 590nm. A range of coupling options are also available. Allowing up to four separate illumination sources to be combined into a single, easy-to-configure hardware solution.

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LDI – Laser Diode Illuminator

LDI – Laser Diode Illuminator

High-power, low-cost, laser diode illuminator

  • 6- or 7-line laser diode illuminator
  • Up to 1W of power per line
  • Multimode fiber coupled

Microscope couplings

Microscope Couplings

Highly modular coupling system for linking up to four light sources

  • Connects to the epifluorescence or transmitted light port of a microscope
  • Supports epiport, transmited port, direct, and infinity port illuminators
  • Well-suited to a broad variety of applications including multi-wavelength LED illumination and Light Engines



LED-based flash lamp for short-duration, high-intensity light pulses

  • User-defined flash intensity and duration
  • Excellently-suited for optogenetics, uncaging, and flash photolysis applications



Ultra-stable, high-intensity, modular illuminator

  • High intensity
  • Near perfect stability
  • Instantaneous vibration-free switching
  • Well-suited for epi-fluorescence, transmitted light microscopy, macroscopy, and optogenetics