Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy

Spinning disk confocal microscopy is ideally suited for live cell imaging. In contrast to point scanning systems, spinning disk confocal microscopes utilizes a pinhole disk that projects multiple pinholes on the sample simultaneously, allowing for much gentler illumination, resulting in lower photobleaching and toxicity. 89 North is proud to offer the CrestOptics X-Light V2 spinning disk confocal microscope and our new LDI, laser diode illuminator. Together, these offer the highest price to performance ratio of any spinning disk confocal system available.

Download Spinning Disk Confocal Datasheet

LDI – Laser Diode Illuminator

Spinning Disk


LDI – Laser Diode Illuminator

High-power, low-cost, laser diode illuminator

  • 6- or 7-line laser diode illuminator
  • Up to 1W of power per line
  • Multimode fiber coupled

X-Light V2 Spinning Disk Confocal

Spinning disk confocal imager with unsurpassed price to performance ratio.

  • Large field of view for use with sCMOS and EMCCD cameras
  • Compatible with most inverted and upright microscopes
  • Supports multimode laser excitation sources for exceptional performance