89 North® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chroma Technology. Originally founded as a manufacturer of illumination systems for fluorescence microscopy, 89 North now also distributes a broad range of instruments for microscopy manufactured by Cairn Research LTD and CrestOptics S.p.A. (Italy). Complementing these product offerings, we provide comprehensive contract engineering and manufacturing solutions for the OEM community.

89 North


Chroma Technology Corp.

Chroma Technology Corp. is a 100% employee-owned company. They are a manufacturer of interference filters for the ultra-violet, visible, and near-infrared portions of the spectrum, including bandpass, multiple bandpass, and long and short pass filters, as well as beamsplitters, dichroic mirrors, and laser rejection filters. They are also our parent company. What sets Chroma apart from other companies is their sense of social responsibility. They are committed to taking a proactive role in both social responsibility and environmental sustainability in all facets of business. They are both our mentor and model, and 89 North is proud to be a part of the Chroma family.

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The Chroma logo is a registered trademark of Chroma Technology Corp.