Illumination Systems

Illumination Systems

The light you need when you need it

Light sources from 89 North and Cairn Research for your scientific imaging needs. User-friendly, modular, and affordable systems for applications ranging from widefield and confocal fluorescence to brightfield and transmitted light imaging, plus optical wavelength scanning and photolysis.

PhotoFluor LM-75

Fluorescence Light Sources

The light you need when you need it

We offer a range of illumination systems for fluorescence imaging including metal halide illuminators as well as LED-based illumination systems


LDI – Laser Diode Illuminator

Laser Illumination Systems

Single- and multi-mode laser systems

We offer a range of laser illuminators including modular laser combiners and high power, multimode laser diode illumination systems.

Ideally suited for spinning disk confocal microscopy, TIRF, SPIM and FRAP applications.



Transmitted Light

Multiple LED sources for transmitted light

We offer a range of LED-based sources for transmitted light imaging including basic bright field illuminators as well as IR-DIC and phase contrast systems,




Place your light exactly where you need and precisely the intensity you want

89 North offers a range of products from Rapp Optoelectronics and Cairn Research to help with your Photo-Activation needs; from advanced galvo driven raster scanners to simple spot illumination.