Illumination Systems

Transmitted Light

We offer a range of LED-based sources for transmitted light imaging including basic bright field illuminators as well as IR-DIC and phase contrast systems.



Compact, affordable  LED illuminator

  • Designed for transmitted light and routine fluorescence applications
  • Wide range of control options to operate manually or with any software
  • Easily integrates with a wide range of microscopes

Aura Phase Contrast Illuminator

Aura Phase Contrast Illuminator

The Aura is a ring-light of LEDs that replaces the microscope condenser for phase contrast imaging on an inverted microscope.

  • Allows true Zernike phase contrast with extra working space around the sample
  • Excellent for complex experiments in electrophysiology, live cell imaging, and multi-modal time lapse
  • Provides large working area above the sample for electrophysiology and microfluidic equipment

Microscope couplings

Microscope Couplings

Highly modular coupling system for linking up to four light sources

  • Connects to the epifluorescence or transmitted light port of a microscope
  • Supports epiport, transmited port, direct, and infinity port illuminators
  • Well-suited to a broad variety of applications including multi-wavelength LED illumination and Light Engines