Rapid Prototyping

In the dynamic landscape of rapid product development, transforming ideas into prototypes swiftly is essential. At Chroma Technology, we understand the demands of today's competitive business environment. To meet these demands, we have made significant investments, increasing our facility's capacity and expanding our engineering staff by over 25%. This strategic move enables us to offer Rapid Prototyping Services at competitive prices, reducing lead times and providing invaluable support to our esteemed OEM clients.

Fast-Tracking your Vision

Our new Rapid Prototyping service is a game-changer, offering everything you love about Chroma but faster. Custom products can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks from the order date. Whether you're in the early stages of product development or refining an existing design, our Rapid Prototyping Service is the ideal solution to bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently.

Chroma's Commitment to Excellence

Chroma Technology stands out with our capability for rapid filter prototyping. Our expertise spans applications in spectrometry, astronomy, machine vision, fluorescence microscopy, colorimetry, and more. We invite you to explore the Chroma advantage and experience the benefits of our rapid prototyping services.

Unmatched Quality

Our products are engineered to deliver outstanding spectral and optical performance, allowing you to work with light at the highest precision levels.


Tailor our products to your specifications for seamless integration into your existing systems.

Chroma Reliability

Benefit from our proven track record for quality and reliability, ensuring exceptional performance for your critical projects consistently.

Eric Felkel, Manager of Product and Design Engineer

"We’ve got a huge amount of experience in both the design and product application aspects of filter development. This enables our engineers to very quickly assess a set of requirements from our customers and identify the required approach to develop their prototype."

Why choose Chroma's Rapid Prototyping Service?

Speed and Efficiency
Swift turnaround times, as quick as 2 weeks, for custom products

Expertise Across Applications
Rapid prototyping capabilities for a wide range of optical filters, including single and multi-band pass filters, edge & notch filters, dichroic filters, neutral density filters, excitation filters, and emission filters

Experienced Engineering Team
Our engineers leverage extensive experience in both design and product application, ensuring quick assessment of customer requirements and efficient prototype development

Extensive Inventory
Access to a vast inventory of substrates and materials, coupled with strong relationships with our supply chain, ensures flexibility and adaptability to various specifications

Vertically Integrated
Chroma's vertical integration enables us to handle design, engineering, and manufacturing in-house, allowing us to respond swiftly to customers' prototyping requirements

Our customers often understand the theory and design of a new filter themselves, but getting an actual, physical working prototype to validate their design quickly can often be challenging. Chroma being able to deliver this capability can dramatically reduce time-to-market, particularly when prototyping highly customized optical filters.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us. We have a large inventory of filters and a knowledgeable staff ready to help you design and build a filter to meet your specifications.

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