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Job Title Location
Design Engineer Bellows Falls, Vermont
Quality Engineer Bellows Falls, Vermont

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At Chroma, we are devoted to providing our employees with a position and work environment where they can flourish, as well as offering exceptional benefits.

Health Benefits

Benefits at Chroma include employer provided, no-deductible health, dental, and vision insurance for our full-time employees. Spouses can be covered on the plan for under $500 a year, and families can be added for under $1,200 per year.


Employees can contribute to flexible spending accounts and take advantage of wellness opportunities, which include reimbursement of up to $32/month for gym memberships/fitness classes and on-site wellness activities.

Paid Time Off

Generous paid time off includes 80 hours of vacation time, 80 hours of sick/personal time, and 10 paid holidays in your first year. In addition, parental leave, bereavement leave, short- and long-term disability is available to qualified employees when needed.

Profit Sharing and Retirement

Profit sharing at Chroma takes the form of employer contributions to 401(k) accounts, cash profit sharing, and stock profit sharing


Additional Benefits

Employees' personal and professional development is supported via regular access to training and conferences, as well as a formal education assistance benefit. A sense of community is fostered with regular employee social events, including on-site BBQs and off-site parties.

Each employee has a share of the responsibility for Chroma’s success, and each earns a fair share of the rewards.

Long before it was popular, Chroma Technology’s founders were committed to the concept of paying each other, and everyone working with them, a living wage. Over 25 years ago the initial pay range was established with the idea that every employee should, if they desired to, be able to afford to afford to buy a house. This philosophy means that a large percentage of Chroma’s workforce is compensated at a high rate in comparison to market for their position.

In order for the company to continue to profit, our executives, high level managers and some others in positions that are generally highly compensated make salary compromises, accepting compensation packages that allow them to live comfortably but not lavishly.

We strive to offer base cash compensation that is reasonable in comparison to the market, and that, when coupled with our generous benefits package, attracts and retains quality long-term employee owners.

Chroma has five salary ranges:

Range: Minimum Maximum
1 37,500 76,000
2 50,000 88,000
3 60,000 100,000
4 75,000 112,000
Executive 95,000 145,000