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for Raman Applications

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Chroma Technology supplies key components for Raman spectroscopy

A set of optical interference filters used in Raman spectroscopy must perform cohesively as a unit to successfully detect the desired Raman signal above the background noise level. Chroma’s expertise in optical interference design coupled with our highly precise thin-film deposition technology results in the most advanced optical filters available.

We understand that Raman scattering is a weaker signal requiring high-performance filters, with steeper edges and broader, flatter transmission bands, to isolate the signal of interest. Chroma Raman filters are the ideal solution for your project when you need higher transmission values, fast transitions, and superior blocking to keep out unwanted photons.

Our Raman filter sets include a narrow-band laser clean-up filter matched with a laser dichroic paired to a longpass emission filter, each with sheer spectral slopes. Together, these filters allow for the detection of even the faintest Raman signals.

Our catalog of standard Raman filters and sets are designed for the most common Raman wavelengths. If you need custom filters or sets contact our Sales department.

Download our  Datasheet for more information. 

Image of the cover page of the Chroma Raman whitepaper

Download our Whitepaper to learn more about the value optical filters bring to Raman spectroscopy.