- Technical Support
+ I’m using a fluorophore I cannot find on Chroma’s list. Can you make a filter set for it?
+ Why does Chroma recommend a filter set that does not transmit the peak excitation and emission wavelengths of my fluorophore?
+ I’d like to design a custom filter set because I cannot find one that meets my needs. Can you help?
+ I will have multiple fluorophores in my sample. How do I ensure that bleed-through will not be a problem?
+ Will Chroma’s filter sets fit my microscope?
+ What are the standard sizes of Chroma’s filters and dichroics?
+ Does the price of the filter sets include the cube (holder) for my microscope?
+ What is the difference between the AT and ET filter sets?
+ Can I use an emission filter as an excitation filter?
+ Can I use an excitation filter as an emission filter?
+ Do I need an excitation filter with my single color LED?
+ Do I need an excitation filter with my laser?
+ Can I use a longpass emission filter as a dichroic?
+ Does it matter what dichroic mirror I use with my excitation and emission filters?
+ I would like to order a dichroic mirror that I don’t see on Chroma’s website. What information do you need?
+ Are any of your filters useful for flow cytometry or plate reader applications?
+ Why do you need to know about my excitation wavelength(s) whenever I request a new emission filter?
+ Why is blocking (attenuation) so important?
+ I am looking for the typical transmission properties for a part that I already own, yet I can’t find it listed on the webpage. What should I do?
+ What is the function of the plastic slides I got when I visited Chroma’s booth at last year’s meeting?
+ How do I clean my filters and dichroics?
+ Filter orientation – what direction should the arrow on the ring point?
+ Dichroic orientation
- Customer Support
+ What is the best way for me to place an order?
+ What information should I include on my purchase order?
+ What are reclaimed cubes?
+ Why did I receive two forms of confirmation for the order I placed on line?
+ How long will it take to receive my order?
+ How can I find the status of my order?
+ How can I change my order?
+ How do I cancel my order?
+ I just realized that I ordered the wrong part and would like to return it to receive something else. What can I do!?
+ I found a Chroma filter in the lab and need to know more information about it. What are my options?
+ What is Chroma’s return policy?
+ What is the warranty policy for Chroma parts?