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NC734357 – $845

Reclaimed Cube

  • Part No.: NC734357
  • Qty in Stock: 1
  • Set: 59222 - ET - EGFP/mCherry (or FITC/TxRed) with single band exciters
  • Cube: 91024 - Leica DM 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000

  • You are specifying a reclaimed cube.

    Reclaimed cubes are recycled cubes that have been premounted with a filter set and are offered at a reduced price. Please confirm that the set/cube are correct before ordering.

    The following applies to all reclaimed cube sales:
    • While supplies last.
    • No modifications on size or coating.
    • Covered by normal warranty
    • Normal support provided

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