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Chroma Tirf Product
TRF59901-6 TIRF FILTER CUBE (Set & Cube) ET – 405/488nm Laser Dual Band Set for TIRF applications mounted in a Chroma® filter cube (select from the cube options listed below)
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91032 Laser TIRF for Nikon TE2000/Ti view $2,350.00
91041 Laser TIRF for Olympus BX2 models view $2,475.00
91042 Laser TIRF for Zeiss Axio view $2,225.00
91044 Laser TIRF for Olympus BX3/IX3 models, for 25mm filters view $2,475.00

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All TIRF Sets are sold pre-mounted into one of the cube options listed.
If you would like to purchase an unmounted TIRF filter set please contact us.