It's all about the contrast

Machine Vision Optical Filters for the Automation Industry

Chroma Technology produces Machine Vision, thin-film interference filters, with extremely durable sputtered coatings in various form factors and sizes that work in a variety of applications.

Machine vision is an indispensable tool of automated manufacturing and distribution systems. Automation technologies rely on vision systems with high contrast to provide accurate recognition. Optical filters are a crucial component of vision systems in that they spectrally enhance what the system can see, boosting contrast by transmitting the wavelengths you want, while rejecting the wavelengths you don’t want.

For vision system designers and OEMs creating application-specific or embedded machine vision systems, Chroma specializes in custom-built filters to exactly meet your challenging performance requirements at comparable prices. Our line of machine vision optical filters is suitable for a wide range of machine vision applications across a variety of markets including vision systems for industrial automation, robotic guidance, agricultural automation ("smart farming"), food sorting, Earth science/environmental monitoring, and semiconductor inspection.

Bandpass Filter Kits for Automated Machine Vision Applications

  • 11 bandpass filters matching the most commonly used illumination wavelengths
  • 1 linear polarizer
  • 2 step-up adapters
  • Unmatched spectral precision and overall performance
  • High levels of attenuation of out-of-band wavelengths, from 300-1100nm
  • Designed for large angles of view

Download our datasheet to learn more about our optical filters for use in automated vision applications:

UV#1 Vision Filter
Narrow Violet Vision Filter
Narrow Indigo Vision Filter
Narrow Blue Vision Filter
Narrow Blue Vision Filter
Green Vision Filter
Narrow Orange Vision Filter
Narrow Red Vision Filter
Narrow Dark Red Vision Filter
785nm NIR Vision Filter
940nm NIR Vision Filter
Standard Kit
M30.5mm filter in threaded mount
(Each kit fits 3 different sizes of lenses)
Large Kit
M40.5mm filter in threaded mount
(Each kit fits 3 different sizes of lenses)