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Our Customer Service Philosophy

At the heart of Chroma Technology is a customer-centric philosophy. We understand that our success is intertwined with the satisfaction of our customers. That's why we prioritize not just providing exceptional products but also delivering an outstanding service experience.

Expert Technical Support

Our support team comprises highly skilled and certified technical experts. Rest assured that when you reach out to us, you are getting assistance from professionals who understand the intricacies of our products. From troubleshooting to in-depth technical consultations, our experts are ready to guide you. If you have a technical question, please call us at +1 800-824-7662.

How to Place an Order

Credit Card Orders

Credit card orders can be submitted through our shopping cart.

If you have found what you need on our website please add the item to your shopping cart then enter billing and shipping information.

If ordering from a quote, go to the shopping cart and click the blue button to add items.  Enter the quote number and email address to which the quote was sent.

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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders can be emailed to, or sent by fax to: 802-428-2525

When submitting a purchase order please be sure to include:

  • Billing address

  • Shipping address

  • Contact name

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

  • Requested shipping method if you have a preference

  • Quote number if applicable

  • Part number(s) for the items you need

  • Please include a size or microscope model with each item

If you are uncertain of what size you need or what information to include on your order please contact us for a quote.

Choosing Filters

We have created filter sets for the multitude of fluorochromes that are typically used in epi-fluorescence microscopy. We are aware that there are applications which require filter combinations that are not listed. Often we can create such sets out of the large collection of special-order filters and dichroic beamsplitters that we maintain in inventory, and occasionally we have to manufacture newly designed filters and/or mirrors. We understand the limitations of the research budget and in either situation we try to keep prices within reasonable limits. Please contact us for help in creating filter combinations that you do not find in the catalog.

Additionally, Chroma manufactures filters for a variety of instruments including gene chip readers, high throughput systems, plate readers, flow cytometers, confocal and multi-photon microscopes, Raman spectroscopy and single-molecule microscopy.

Often the manufacturers of these instruments provide specifications for the filters that they recommend. Sometimes you may wish to order filters that are different from their recommendations and sometimes the manufacturers of bioassays have their own recommendations.

Please contact us for custom sets and recommended filter sets for standard bioassays.

Tips for Ordering Filters

Consider the following questions/answers that are extremely helpful when discussing the appropriate filters or filter sets for your application.

  • Which fluorochrome(s) is (are) being used?

  • What is the wavelength range of excitation and emission for those fluorochromes with which we are not familiar?

  • What is the make and model of the microscope or instrument being used?

  • What is the size of the excitation and/or emission filters if a filter wheel is being used in either the excitation or emission path?

  • Does the filter need to be image quality or not?

  • This is particularly important for absorption-type emission filters.

  • What is the maximum thickness possible in the filter mount to be used?

  • What type of detector is being used e.g. PMT, CCD, film)?

  • What are the specific reflection and transmission requirements for the dichroic beamsplitter?

  • Dichroic beamsplitters are designed with various spectral profiles.

  • No dichroic beamsplitter reflects all wavelengths short of the cut-on wavelengths, nor can it transmit all wavelengths beyond that point.

  • Being as specific as possible will increase your chances of getting the beamsplitter that you require and will diminish the possibility of paying too much for a beamsplitter that is more than you require.

  • It is best if we know the excitation and emission filters being used.

  • This information is particularly important when ordering a dichroic beamsplitter in the absence of any other filters.

No matter the question, we’re here to help!

Check out our other support sections and if you do not find what you need give us a call at +1 800-824-7662 or +1 802-428-2500, or email us at

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us. We have a large inventory of filters and a knowledgeable staff ready to help you design and build a filter to meet your specifications.

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